The Hertz Society (THS) is founded on April 12, 2010 to provide opportunity in education and extra curricular activities to Engineering Students of COMSATS Abbottabad. It is dedicated to ensure the open development, evolution and use of own skills for the benefit of people throughout the campus.

IEEE CIIT Student Brnach

As we want to work out of cube and to keep us upto date with latest world of Technology we joined hand with IEEE and got the the Title "IEEE COMSATS Inst. of Info Technology, Abbottabad" on February 3, 2012 . Since we took initiative of THE HERTZ SOCIEY, working with IEEE was our top priority. Team Hertz worked for it, Engr. Rabya B.k. carried this and supported all the time. Dr. Khurram Aziz was Pioneer Branch Counselor and Engr. Fahad Saleem was Pioneer Chair of IEEE CIIT ATD



After achieving milestone of becoming a part of IEEE family, we took our base THE HERTZ SOCIETY with us and to avoid any confusion authorities took the decision and we are now IEEE HERTZ.