The Hertz Society (THS) is founded on April 12, 2010 to provide opportunity in education and extra curricular activities to Engineering Students of COMSATS Abbottabad. It is dedicated to ensure the open development, evolution and use of own skills for the benefit of people throughout the campus.
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Our mission is to develop a network of professionals devoted to engineering, science, technology, exposure to management skills and social activities, and to promote opportunities, and a platform to explore, share, present and implement research, knowledge and ideas.

All engineering events in campus like EMCOT, welcome and farewell parties, panel discussions and some social events are being organized by The Hertz Society. we are exploring talented and skilled students to create a network of professionals, where we can ping each other for any positive activity by just one call. Hertz Society is looking forward to get a extensive participation and sponsorships to the campus from industry and organizations working in Pakistan.