MS / MPHIL & PHD Provisional Merit List Eligibility Criteria Fee & Financial Add Admission Details and Admission Ad FAQS
1 Eligibility Criteria

  1. Eligibility for admission to Bachelor’s programme shall be FA/FSC, or an equivalent certificate/diploma from any other recognized institution, with at least ‘a second division’ or ‘its equivalent grade based on minimum 50% marks for other than annual system’.
  2. Applicant/candidate with ‘third division’ / ‘less than 50% marks or equivalent for other than annual system’ is not eligible for admission to any study programme of the University.
  3. Candidates considered eligible for admission for all degree programs shall appear before the Admission Committee for test and interview.
  4. Admission shall be made on the basis of 80% weightage for academic performance and 20% weightage in the Entry Test & interview
  5. Admission shall be carried out by an Admission Committee consisting of at least 03 members headed by the Chairman/HOD/Principal of the Department/Institute/College concerned. The decision of the Admission Committee shall be final.
  6. All admissions shall be provisional. The admissions should be approved by the Dean of the Faculty concerned on the recommendations of the Admission Committee of the concerned department.
  7. Admission shall be carried out strictly on the basis of merit. The criterion of merit shall be determined by the Admission Committee of the Department concerned.
  8. Wherever quota system exists the criterion of merit shall be applied within each group.
  9. The list of nominees for the quota seats will be received through concerned departments/agencies etc. The nominees will have to submit application forms prior to their test/interview by the admission committee. The University will not accept any advance copy for admission from any candidate.
  10. The number of open merit and quota seats shall be determined by the Syndicate on the recommendations of the Academic Council.
  11. If any candidate fails to appear before the Admission Committee for interview or for admission test at the fixed time he/she shall not be considered for admission.
  12. If two candidates have equal merit. The one senior in age shall be given preference over the other for the purpose of admission.
  13. All the candidates must bring the original certificates for verification in the interview.
  14. Wherever needed, the equivalence of academic qualification shall be determined by the Equivalence Committee of the Hazara University.
  15. Foreign students shall be considered for admission after prior approval of the Ministry of Education, government of Pakistan, Islamabad.
  16. Undertaking/Agreement All candidates selected for admission, on open merit seats/reserved, will be required to submit an Undertaking/Agreement, on a Rs.100/- judicial Stamp Paper. A copy of the Undertaking/Agreement is provided in the Prospectus
  17. Within 15 days of completion of admission the name, percentage, date of birth, examination passed with year, roll number, marks, division, the institution last attended and the course to which a candidate has been admitted shall be reported to the Vice Chancellor in the prescribed form with the recommendations of the Admission Committee after due verification of particulars of candidates and payment of dues from them through Provost, for registration in the University Students Register at Controller Examination office.
  18. Incorrect information or suppression of facts, in application form, shall entail refusal of admission, and of expulsion from the University even if admission has already been granted.
  19. Late admission will be allowed to only those candidates who are on waiting list. They will be informed of their selection and will be required to finalize the admission requirements within the notified period.
  20. Late admission may be granted in very special cases by the Vice Chancellor upto one week after the last date with the late fee of Rs. 2000/-
  21. Candidates selected for admission will be required to finalize the admission requirements within the notified period, failing which their right of admission will be forfeited and the seats will be allotted to the deserving candidates on waiting list.
  22. Admission to Masters after 2 years Bachelor Passed Course: For those students who will be joining the department/institute after completing 02 years Bachelor (annual system); they have to complete 60 to 80 credit hours course to earn Master’s degree.
  23. Admissions shall be finalized after verification of the academic documents from the respective Boards/Universities. The admission of such candidate shall be cancelled immediately if any of his/her documents are found fake/bogus. Such a candidate will have no right of appeal and shall not go to any court of law against the University.
  24. Admission to one department/campus/institution shall not give a student a right to migrate to another department/campus/institution. Similarly a student shall have no right of migration/transfer from the University to a constituent or affiliated institute and vice versa.


  1. The following shall not be eligible for admission to undergraduate (BS, MA/MSc) and graduate programmes:
    • Those who have ceased to be students of this University.
    • Those who already possess a Bachelor’s or MA/MSc degree or an equivalent degree from this or any other University. The admission to professional degree i.e. MEd and Bed is an exception. This exemption is extended for other professional degrees also
    • Those who are already on the rolls of this University
    • Those who have been expelled from any other University/institute/college.
    • Those who could not qualify a degree programme on basis of acquiring minimum credit hours i.e. 124 (for level 6), 60 (for MA/MSc), 30 (for level 7) in this or another university.
    • Those who could not qualify a degree programme on basis of achieving the minimum CGPA required for passing the degree programme i.e. CGPA 2 (for level 6), and CGPA 2.5 (for level 7 & 8) in this or another university.